The Dominican Brothers in Ukraine Solicit Our Prayers


The Dominican brothers in Ukraine are earnestly looking up to heaven for peace in their country and they are asking us all to join them in prayers.

The Dominican Vicariate of Russia and Ukraine has a total of 5 communities; Kiev, Lviv, Yalta, Czortków and Fastowie. The Polish brother, fr Jacek Dudek is the Vicar General and he resides in Kiev, the hotspot of the current disturbances in the country.

The brothers join the people every day at the square and some of them even spend the night there. They go to the square with their stoles to lead the people in praying the rosary for peace. The brothers also render other forms of support to the protesters. Fr Petro Balog has become an informal chaplain to one of the group of protesters. He gave them souvenir cards with the picture of St Michael the Archangel, the patron of Ukraine and Kiev and with the inscription, “St Michael the Archangel, defend us”. More…


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