General Promoter of the Laity report on France and Germany

From the International Dominican Information comes an interesting report about the Lay Fraternities. Br David Kammler OP, the General Promoter of the Laity visited Fraternities in the Province of Teutonia (Germany) and France.

He first visited the fraternities in the cities of Cologne and Düsseldorf, which belong to the Province of Teutonia. In this Province there are 13 Fraternities with about 400 members. There are four Fraternities in Cologne whose members are engaged in the pastoral activities of their parish and are involved in social work with visits to the elderly, the sick and in prisons. There are two Fraternities in Düsseldorf with 26 members who meet weekly for prayers, formation, social exchange and planning.

Br David then visited some of the Fraternities within the limits of the Province of France. There are 30 Fraternities in this Province, and four groups are in formation. They are organized in five regions whose presidents together with the Provincial President and the Provincial Religious Assistant form the Provincial Council, which meets four times a year. The Fraternities he visited are those in Lille, Paris, Besançon and Strasbourg.

It’s been interesting to read Br David’s full report, which has more details on the different types of work the other Lay Fraternities are engaged in. Read it here


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